Things you should never do in Qatar

Are you using social media in Qatar? You must be aware of some rules that are strictly prohibited to do in Qatar while using social media. Posting and sharing unnecessary things such as violent contents and tagging people without consent can make you trouble with Qatar cyber law. Look at below ten things you should never do in Qatar.

Not allowed to post vulgar pictures of driving alcohol.

Drinking alcohol in not allowed in Qatar, however Qatar authorities accept non-Muslims to drink alcohol but in under control.

 According to Article 270, Law No.11 of 2004, “Whoever drinks any alcoholic beverage in public place or opens a store or a house to trade in alcohol shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and/or a fine to exceeding three thousand Qatar Riyal (QR 3,000)

Do not Insult Islam at all

Qatari citizen do not want to hear any abusive words against their culture and religion, so it is clear that you should not insult Islam at any cost.  Insulting Islam in Islamic country can lead you in serious problem. We advice you to be aware of sharing or posting anything against their  religion and “social value” on social media.

Do not make threats to others 

Any post, comment or chats that are threatening to other people can land you in court. There are several case that have been complained to the police about such social media posts and poster have been arrested. So use your social media carefully otherwise you will have to face trouble in Qatar.

Don’t share any accident photos on social media

Do you think it is good to share someones problem on social media? Well, its not good at all and it is also not accepted in Qatar at all. People who take or share photo of accident victims in Qatar could face criminal charges under the Qatar law.

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So what do you think guys above rules are good for you? Even if it is not good for you, you must follow the rules of government of Qatar and respect their culture.  Please don’t hesitate to comment your view on below comment box.  

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