How to make driving license in Qatar? Tips

How to make driving license in Qatar: Driving any vehicles or equipment without valid Qatar driving license is strictly prohibited in Qatar. And these days getting valid driving license is also not  an easy job.  It is necessary to hold a valid driving license to drive in Qatar. The traffic department is the authorized authority for issuing driving license in Qatar.

How many of you are struggling to get a valid Qatar Driving License? Here we have mentioned a few tips, steps and instructions  to make your doubt clear.

Make license in One week

Visitor from some countries can drive for one week from the date of arrival. It is not required to have local Qatar Driving license for one week, but this facilities only for the visitor from some approved country.

Visit the traffic department at Madinat Khalifa to check the validity of your home country license. If your home country license is approval, then you can drive in Qatar for one week but you need local driving license if you wish to stay more than a week.

Temporary Qatar Driving License – Valid for 3 months

If you wish to drive longer than a week, you can apply for a temporary license which would be valid for three months. You can also extend the validity of your license once it get expired.

How to apply for a temporary license?

  • Submit an application form with following documents to the traffic department.
  • Original license from approved country.
  • Original passport and couple photocopies
  • Passport sized three color photos  with white background.
  • If you want to wear glasses while driving, you must be wearing glasses in the photos.

How to get full Qatar Driving License

If you are resident or hold a Qatar Residence Permit, you may apply for a Qatar Driving License. The license fees for expatriates QR 250 valid for 5 years. Additional fees may apply for driving and vision tests.

Is it possible to convert GCC license into Qatari License?

It is not possible to convert your license. The traffic department has issued a directive to stop converting license for expatriates from other GCC license to Qatari driving license. It is possible to change your license if you are a GCC citizen.  Now no more direct test for Asian African license holders including Nepali, Indian,Philippines, Pakistan, China, Bangladeshi, Indonesia, Sri Lank, Egpyt, Ghana, Somalia, Kenya and Nigeria. To obtain Qatari driving license they must take at least half course at Qatar and pass the test.

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