How to get Azad Visa in Qatar

How to get Azad Visa in Qatar

Recently, there are many people who entered the Qatar with an Azad visa believing that they will get higher salary and good benefits from the company. Many Azad Visa holders also believe that there are good chances to get a good company easily.

However it is little bit true but if you are thinking that you will get higher salary paying Job quickly and easily with an Azad visa then you are totally wrong. These days getting a job in Qatar with an Azad visa is really tough task because of new sponsorship law. There are thousands of qualified expatriates who want to change their job everyday and company hires only if you have professional experience about work you are going to do.

The company’s first choice is to those who are currently working in reputed companies in Qatar and Azad visa

holders are kept in to the second option. But if you are holding an Azad visa with having experience of GCC then your chances are high to get Job in Qatar.

What is exactly an Azad visa?

Azad visa is a regular visa; actually it is a visa with a NOC letter from sponsors.  If your sponsor provides you a NOC certificate it means you (Azad) free from your company, you can find your news jobs with that NOC certificate until your valid visa expires. Azad means “Free” in Arabian Persian languages. It means “free visa” visa holder can work freely anywhere.

How to get an Azad visa?

As I already mentioned above an Azad visa is a regular visa which your visa sponsor provides NOC is called Azad visa. But if you are not in Qatar now but want to come to the Qatar then here is the simple method to get an Azad visa.

  • Contact your relatives or friends in Qatar to submit an application for a working visa. There are many companies in Qatar where you can apply a visa through them.
  • If visa Immigration approved your visa request then you can enter the Qatar with your valid visa.
  • Your visa validated only for few months, so you need to find your suitable job before your temporary visa expires. Otherwise you will have to face big problem in Qatar.

How much Qatari riyal one has to pay to get this visa?

The cost is depends on your nationality and position you are applying for. But I have seen many Nepalese paying QR 3500 for laborer and QR4500 or above for professionals. I have seen some recently registered companies do this kind of businesses for their benefits.  I have heard that people from Bangladesh pay more than QR5000 for labor visa but I am not sure it is true or false.

What is the benefit of an Azad visa?

If you are well experienced and high qualified person then it is good for you to apply visa. Once you reached the Qatar you are free to search your suitable job anywhere in any company. But if you are unskilled or semi skilled person then it is not good for you guys.  Somehow you will get the job but visa cost too much. Keep in mind that you must be holding a NOC (Non Objection Certificate) from your visa issuing sponsor.

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