Top things to know about Saudi Arabia

What comes in your mind when you think about  Saudi Arabia? Desert or Rich Amirs of Saudi? It’s not like that; Saudi is an amazing country in the gulf region. Here we have listed some of amazing things to know about about Saudi Arabia.

The birthplace of Islam.

The Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and home to the religion’s holiest sharines, Mecca and Medina. Construction on Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower began in 2014. The new tallest building in the world will stand 3280 feet, almost 1 km high and will dwarf the Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai.

Largest country in the world without a river.

Ye, it is true that Saudi Arabia do not have any permanent ground  rivers and lakes. however Saudi Arabia have permanent bodies of water underground.

According to Forbers magazine, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is the 8th most powerful person in the world.  And the world’s most powerful muslim.

In 2011, King Abdullah announced that women would be allowed to vote in 2015, making Saudi Arabia the last nation on earth to allow women to vote.

No constitution

Saudi Arabia have no written Constitution, this country follow the Holly Quran and Pegambar Mohamad actually this country follow the Syariha law.

Holly Mosque Mecca and Medina 

Mecca and Medina are two holy city in Islam. There is not allowed to travel for non Muslims in Mecca and Medina city. Around 3 million people visit Saudi Arabia for Haj tour every year. To maintain the crowd in holly city Saudi government  introduced quota system for each country.

Fist Muslim to travel in space

In 1985, Prince Sultan bin Salman became the first Saudi, first Arab, and first Muslim to travel in Space when he rode abroad the US space shuttle discovery.

If you know more interesting things about this country then please let us know on below comment box. We will try to add them later. 

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