How to make driving license in Saudi Arabia step by step method

Making a driving license in Saudi Arabia is not easy task these days, but it is that tough deal unlike other gulf countries. There are many processes to be completed to obtain a driving license. But if you have a license from other GCC countries, you can get the license within a week.

If you want to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia, you must have following document with you.

  • Arabic translated license of your home country.
  • Your blood group and eye test report. You can get it from any authorized clinic.
    Your Iqama copy (copy of your resident permit)
  • Both side copy of your valid passport along with visa.
  • Passport size photograph with white background
  • A duly filled form to apply for Saudi Driving License

Before you getting Started.

You must pay Saudi Riyal 435 through Internet. If you don’t know the process paying through Internet you can still pay through broker, they will charge little bit money.
Next step:  Go to the  Dallah Driving School at 7 am keep the copy of all the document  above mentioned documents with you. Wait in the queue for your turn to be token. If first trial, you will get a token which starts with “B” Letter.

Be prepared to take first trial. There will be different queues for different vehicles. Make sure you are following proper queue. There are different vehicles for different type of license. You will be given either automatic or manual car for the trial. Keep in mind if you hold a automatic car license, you won’t be able to drive manual car.

You may have to take trial with with Saudi Citizen who may not be fluent in English, so it’s better to learn some basic Arabic. Like: Left, Right, Back, ahead, stop.

While taking trial, take care of few things; Person who is taking trial will pressure you to start quickly, Stop immediately etc. Don’t panic if the guy pressures you it’s just tactic to make you uncomfortable. Take your time to adjust necessary steps like, Mirror, seat belt, steering etc.

After finishing trial test.

If you are given pass mark, you will have to deposit Saudi Riyal 100 for the further computer class and you will go final trial.If you successfully complete your final trial, you will have to go to the computer room again along with your document. Submit your file and wait for few minutes until you get called to collect the license.

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